Technology Platform
We combine the best of technologies to bring about disruption in the healthcare space.

The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant transformation, with emerging technologies and innovations set to disrupt traditional practices and lead to significantly better care outcomes and reach. Value-Based Care, Consumerisation, Data Monetisation, and the widening of generations of care recipients are among the most notable trends. By leveraging AINQA's cutting-edge technologies, healthcare providers will ultimately result in improved patient outcomes and a better overall healthcare experience for all stakeholders.

Business Innovation

We are taking away every constraint on business growth such as inadequate customer experiences or operational efficiencies, replacing them with forward-thinking business strategies that model an efficient and caring enterprise.

Technology Innovation

Being an enterprise-grade disruption enabler, AINQA’s QDM combines business innovation and AI-powered features to seamlessly deliver solutions, allow collaboration across service providers, and untangle you from wired sluggishness.

Digital Experience

We lead the way for businesses using our human-centric digital experience ensemble that consistently addresses key challenges of delivering an unwired, uncomplicated solution that is also cost-effective and value-filled for providers and patients alike.

Disruptive Forces

Quantum Digital Mesh Platform

Developing robust and flexible technology core to power the transformation.


Institutionalizing collaboration of best of minds from various facets of the industry to drive innovation.

Healthcare Ecosystem

Launching transformative economies around the healthcare eco-system that benefit the provider ecosystem, citizens of the world and the investors.

Core Transformation Platform

The Platform that enables commoditization of Intent, Intelligence & Trust needed for a true digital forward organization enabled through state-of-the-art architecture to orchestrate process and data services in secure and scalable environment with built in Artificial Intelligence.

QDM Platform Stack

The Platform that provides seamless interoperability between future state processes and industry specific deep domain solutions of healthcare, facilitates and governs trust less platform scale economies that is powered by Technology and Domain innovations to imagine and deploy triangulations leading to healthy disruption of healthcare practices.

Our Digital Care Platform


Micro-Services based best of breed Q-Architecture.


Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Computer Vision and augmented reality enabled user experience.


Next generation data models that seamlessly empower transactions, analytics and insights.


Full function Middleware for interoperability with healthcare standards.


Military grade security option..

Medical Innovation
Delivering a comprehensive womb-to-tomb solution that caters to the common man and their immediate healthcare needs.
More than ever, there is now a dire need to be prepared in predicting, preventing, detecting, and responding to disease outbreaks. We envision a Global Epidemiology Platform that keeps us ahead of the trajectory using advanced technological derived insights.
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Tanya care is a digital ecosystem for the health marketplace that is changing how healthcare communicates. It is an integrated platform that connects healthcare service providers with clients by providing a wide range of focused services and products. It ensures our customers’ needs are taken care of wherever they go. We bring healthcare services to the doorstep through our IP-ready technology, Augmented Virtual Care (AVC). The app will connect health professionals and patients with video conferencing solutions no matter where the patient is.
Smart Hospital & Patient Engagement
Internet of Medical Thing (IoMT) to remote consultation of medical specialists and vital signs monitoring. Smart Patient Engagement module integrates with the Hospital Information System to provide proactive care with in-patients and patient communication.

ATHERA ePortfolio-eLearning for Global Academic Institution
ATHERA is a first-of-its-kind platform that enables the Postgraduate Medical Specialty national curriculum standardization. It redefines the medical specialist journey in one centralized and paperless ePassport. This future-proof and scalable platform facilitates streamlining and standardization of Postgraduate Medical Specialty training and assessment.

The platform is used by Postgraduate Medical Specialist across 23 medical specialization and sub-specialization is a collaboration with University Malaya and Majlis Dekan-Dekan.

Hospital System
Full suite hospital system covering front and back office including Electronic Medical Records, Closed Loop Medication Management, Radiology Information System, Lab Information System, Billing, Finance and Supply Chain Management. Connecting GP clinics in all area including rural areas in one ecosystem enabled by Augmented Visual Care and Remote Monitoring.

A strategic collaboration between industry and academia to create exponential technologies, propelling the future of healthcare practices and improve overall benefit to humanity.

What we do

Developing robust and reusable cognitive AL components for population health management to encompass and analyze big data, prediction of disease outbreaks, forecast preventive actions on clinical and public health decision making, and pharmacogenomics for precision medicine.

How We Do

• To leverage on technology to achieve coordinated continuum of care. • To support the healthcare ecosystem for timely, effective and evidence-based decisions • To empower every individual along the entire healthcare pathway from preventive medicine to early diagnosis and rehabilitative care.

Why we do

Democratizing healthcare through human capital, business technology and disruptive innovation.

Our Solution Approach
Wellness and Care
Bringing market products and services that ease the provision and access to care, giving you peace of mind.

On Demand Care

A scalable digital platform that will onboard partner providers who are licensed, certified, approved and/or registered with/by the authorities and/or regulators.

Choice of Care

To bring to market products and services that ease the provision and access to care.

Access to Care

Deliver care at the right place, the right time at home and in the community.

Our Approach to Care
Our Digital Care Platform


Secure client personal health account with Client 360 data – Client provide access to family, healthcare team.


Helpdesk for ongoing support & navigation.


Care manager to oversee each client.


Multi-disciplinary team for review and quality.


Convenient purchases, replenishment via one-stop platform.


Curated health, wellness resources for ongoing engagement with client.

Client 360