A Comprehensive National Health Stack
AINQA’s National Health Stack is the enablement of an all-encompassing comprehensive infrastructure where the intent is to embrace a meaningful, single source of truth-based health ecosystem; affirmatively observed based on our principles.
One Data
Health Standards, Unified Vocabulary, Nomenclature & Unique ID
In order for any Health Delivery System to operate efficiently and deliver meaningful health outcomes, it’s data and information should be organised, unified and indexed. Standardization encourage clinical decision enabled health services environment that enhances health outcomes and prioritises patient safety.
Single Platform
Harmonization of Public and Private Health Care System
In consideration of the patient and his/her wellbeing, the health regulators and the health system in general should ensure the public and private delivery system remain harmonised and co-exist. This will also ensure long-lasting, futuristic single health delivery platform. The single platform approach will ensure creation and maintaining a single unified record for every citizen irrespective of his/her choice of care provider.
Shared Information
EHR, HIE, CDR, Portals & Registries
Data and information collected on patient ad treatment should be from source, timely captured, accurately stored, flexibly exchangeable, viewed with permissioned-access, and usable to create needed registries.
Efficient Ecosystem
Health Information Systems & National Supply Chain
Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Telehealth, Ambulatory Care, Primary Care, Supply Chain and many more aspects of healthcare delivery require operational efficacy and management efficiency. Organised workflows delivered by resilient business process engineering and change management, all enabled by technology support will ensure avoidance of errors, fraud, abuse and waste.
Financial Sustainability
Universal Health Coverage and Health Financing
Demand and Supply for Health Services should consummate in harmony in any mature health delivery system. Care should be delivered with appropriate consideration for medical necessity driven by decision support, wellbeing driven by preventive care, illness treated driven by need for positive outcome. Funding Plans for healthcare systems should plan for a long term sustainable financial model whilst ensuring short and medium terms accountable care delivery; a complex web of conditions that can be relatively easily imbuing technology into the health-financial matters.
Health Planning
Access/Wellness Management, Population Health & Health Funding
Enriched with data and information, future planning on improved access, proactive wellness management, visible population health planning and better health financing; decisions are made within an informed environment.
Our Trusted Payor Ecosystem

AINQA’s Payor platforms of solutions and services intends enables and uphold the characteristics of a real-time, accountable, efficient and transparent provider-paymaster ecosystem. Payor offerings are aptly design-built being cognizant of the continuous and dynamically developing healthcare delivery ecosystems co-existing/evolving around equally diverse, complex, and sophisticated reimbursement mechanics.

Tax-funded, state-funded, self-pay, insurance, self-managed, workers’ compensation, pension programs are some of many such disparate reimbursement systems. The global Payor markets, today, are at different maturity levels and continually evolving as the demand of developed, developing and younger markets vary over time and healthcare-demands of informed customers become ever more sophisticated.

The global drive to enable Universal Health Coverage is set to further sophisticate demands and supply of health services demanding an even more creative reimbursement system not seen in today’s Payor reimbursements systems. By remaining as an important stakeholder within the rapidly evolving ecosystem, the Payor will aim to focus on acquiring real time and accurate information. This is to guarantee proper safeguards to balance the demands of patients, providers and regulators. Up-to-date, real-time, scrubbed/adjudicated data within an information exchange/gateway infrastructure has been, for more than a decade, and will continue to be AINQA’s vision of a Trusted Payor Platform.

A Leading Platform for Providers

Providers, public or private, seek a connected, seamless, informed and knowledge-based environment that will enable them to provide care services to their customers. The demands of ranging from sophisticated customers’ needs and complex web of tech-support to capture, store and share patient, clinical, operational and financial information for better healthcare is set to shift the dated models of Clinical Information Systems, Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records Systems and the likes to rapid and ever-growing developments/use of IoMTs, Augmented Virtual Realities, Person/Patient to Provider connected ecosystem, evangelising Patient Experience thru to deep learning.

AINQA’s transformative thinking will enable the Provider ecosystem to operate no longer in isolation but in close association with its community, ubiquitous interaction within/across the industry and in time, reaching out to bring care providers’ participation at national level; elevating the traditional curative provider to a promoter of preventive, promotive and wellness manager. AINQA’s QDM Platform will enable a truly digital forward Provider enabling it with state-of-the-art architecture to orchestrate process and data services in secure and scalable environment with in built Artificial Intelligence.

See AQ-QDM for more on the transformation tenets AINQA can bring to the Provider space.